What Your Tooth Pain Actually Means

Person placing hand over painful area on face, signifying tooth pain

When it comes to your tooth pain, the sensations you get can tell you much about the underlying causes. From the pain’s duration to whether it’s a sharp pain or more of the dull throbbing […]

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Why Does My Jaw Hurt?

Your oral health goes beyond merely taking good care of your teeth. We can determine if issues exist in our oral care routine if we notice significant pain in our jaws. These issues can present […]

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How Does Cancer Treatment Affect My Oral Health?

Cancer patients face a litany of challenges during their treatments. Options such as chemotherapy and radiation treatments can cause adverse oral health complications that require attention. The cancer treatments’ side effects include dry mouth, cavities, […]

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How Does Vaping Affect My Oral Health?

Smoking has caused an array of documented oral health problems over the years, from stained teeth to impeding your gums’ ability to heal. As many know, it has also been linked to increased cancer risk. […]

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Oral Healthcare Tips for Caregivers

Caregivers provide critical support to those who are unable to care for themselves on their own. They have to navigate their needs, including how autonomous they are, how much supervision is needed, and how aware […]

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Can I Use Antibiotics for My Tooth Pain?

Graphic of tooth with antibiotics

Tooth pain can be a complicated subject. The pain’s underlying cause can stem from a wide range of reasons, including damaged fillings, tooth decay, gum disease, and bacterial infections. Patients will look towards multiple avenues […]

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