Hamilton Dental Access

Great, Affordable Care Without the Hassle of an Insurance Company

Our goal is clean, healthy smiles for everyone in the family. Unfortunately, dental insurance is often not the answer. It requires expensive payroll deductions, doesn’t cover every needed service, and has low annual limits. If you have one fairly substantial problem, you are often required to pay
out of pocket.

Hamilton Dental Access provides the coverage that dental insurance can’t. You get exams, x-rays, cleanings and, for children, fluoride twice per year, as well as access to preferred rates on all of our other services. From the beginning, Hamilton Dental Access saves almost 50% for bi-annual services that everyone needs. No costly payroll deductions, no limits, no uncovered services. Simply great care for less.

Comprehensive oral care for a lifetime.

Interested in how you can save with Hamilton Dental Access?

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