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Whether it’s your first visit or your 50th, you want a dentist and staff who care about you and your dental health, and ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable. We make going to the dentist easy.

New patients receive a comprehensive examination which includes a screening for oral cancer, gum and bone disease, blood pressure, and systemic disorders. Existing patients are monitored for any changes.
Our well-trained staff gets to know you and what makes you the most comfortable. Oral exams are quick, easy and thorough. Whether you need a cleaning, x-rays, or fluoride, we are ready so that you can get in, out, and on with your day.

Did we mention that we can schedule your exam while your children receive theirs? Simultaneous appointments set us apart, and help us to make our patients’ lives a little easier.

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Root Canal

Root canals are needed when infection or tooth decay reaches the nerves within the tooth, eventually causing the tooth to die. Root canals enable us to save decayed teeth and eliminate the need for many tooth extractions.
Root canals used to be synonymous with pain and discomfort. Thanks to modern technology, our dentists can routinely perform the procedure with minimal pain or discomfort, and little pain afterward.



The CEREC method utilizes the latest technology to digitally scan your tooth to prepare a permanent, custom ceramic crown right in our office. There’s no longer a need for an unsightly temporary crown, or the messy impression molds used to create them. We can have a permanent crown completed for you in a one-hour office visit.



Dental crowns are a common treatment to restore a tooth’s shape, size, and strength, or to improve its appearance. Crowns fit over an existing tooth like a helmet, protecting and strengthening a weakened or broken tooth.

Permanent crowns using the CEREC system can be created in a one-hour office visit, with no need for a temporary crown.



Dental bridges literally bridge the gap caused by one or more missing teeth. They anchor crowns to create an attractive, gapless smile. Bridges also prevent existing teeth from shifting and help preserve oral hygiene by eliminating places for plaque to form.


Full Arch Dentures

Nobody likes the idea of wearing false teeth, but they enable proper chewing, speaking, and increased enjoyment of life. Full Arch Dentures are used with patients who need many or all of their teeth replaced.

Modern technology enables our professional staff to create better-fitting dentures, minimizing gum irritation or slippage.

Patients with dentures experience increased confidence and comfort in everyday interaction. You will be able to eat and speak naturally while showing a nice full smile.



For years, silver-colored fillings were the standard treatment to fill cavities. Now, we offer our patients tooth-colored dental fillings as a more natural looking alternative that provides the same strength and durability as the old silver ones, while maintaining a beautiful, natural smile.

These fillings have several advantages: they can enable the dentist to preserve more of the natural tooth and only remove the diseased portion, they are less noticeable than silver fillings, remain the same color over time, and are bonded directly to the tooth in a single visit.

Replacing old Fillings
New technology allows us to replace old gold or silver fillings with new, natural-looking composite fillings. Composite fillings fit better, look like natural teeth, and have shown to be as strong and healthy as natural teeth.

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