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Orthodontic Services in Mercer County, NJ

Here at Hamilton Dental, we have numerous seasoned orthodontists on our team who are experts at correcting crooked smiles. Though misaligned teeth and overbites might seem like problems that pertain strictly to cosmetic dentistry, these issues actually make it much harder to keep your mouth clean. If you fail to correct orthodontic concerns promptly, you run the risk of developing periodontal disease, tooth decay, TMJ, and a number of other dental health concerns.

We treat patients from all over Central NJ, including Middlesex County, Burlington County, and many other communities located near Trenton and Hamilton, NJ. Continue reading to learn more about the orthodontic services we provide to our patients at Hamilton Dental.

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Hamilton Dental offers orthodontic services including braces, clear braces and dental retainers in Hamilton, NJ

Mercer County’s Top Orthodontic Services

Our expert orthodontists are equipped with the latest dental tools and technologies available, and have the knowledge to fix a wide range of alignment concerns. At our Hamilton, NJ practice, we utilize a variety of fixed and removable dental appliances to help align patients’ teeth and correct jaw positioning. Some of our advanced treatment methods can even address several problems at once!

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Braces are becoming more and more advanced as the years go by. Thanks to recent innovations, you can now use braces to adjust a broad range of alignment and spacing concerns, including the following:

●     Overbite

●     Crossbite

●     Spacing Issues

●     Crowding

●     Underbite

●     Open Bite

●     Mismatched Midline

●     Diastema

When treating these problems, you can choose between traditional fixed braces or removal aligner trays. Traditional braces are what you see most teenagers wearing — they are made of either metal or ceramic brackets, fixed onto individual teeth and connected by wires and rubber bands. Aligners, on the other hand, adjust your teeth with a series of transparent, custom-made plastic trays that slide on and off of the teeth like a glove.


After the teeth are straightened with orthodontic treatment, retainers are used to hold them in place and ensure they don’t revert back to a problematic position. Like braces, you have a couple of options to choose from when it comes to your retainer. You can opt for a traditional removable or fixed wire retainer, or a discrete, removable transparent option.

Two Convenient Locations Throughout Central Jersey

Visit one of our two NJ offices to inquire about the orthodontic services we provide. Our team of doctors can explain how orthodontic procedures work, what the costs are, and how insurance factors into the equation. With offices on Klockner Road and Kuser Road, Hamilton Dental is easily accessible to all families living near Mercer County, Middlesex County, and Burlington County. From orthodontic services to dental implants, you can address all of your dental health needs at Hamilton Dental!

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Are you or someone in your family ready to enhance their misshapen smile and protect their long term dental health with braces or aligners? Good news: Hamilton Dental is here to help you. Give us a call, contact us online, or stop by one of our offices in Mercer County to schedule an appointment with an experienced orthodontist. You have a brighter, straighter smile waiting for you!