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Pediatric Dentist in Hamilton, NJ

Your Children’s First Dental Visit

The sooner children learn healthy dental hygiene, the healthier they will be throughout their life. The experienced pediatric dentists and orthodontists at Hamilton Dental Associates practice make dental visits as painless and fun as possible – from explaining what is happening and why to distracting kids with fun activities. Our staff has decades of experience treating children – so whether they need a tooth removed or a cosmetic fix, they are in great hands. Of course, our team performs routine checkups, cleans teeth, applies fluoride, and explains the importance of a healthy diet and proper brushing. We make sure to check for possible problems in pediatric mouth development, including crowding, gum disease, and TMJ problems (temporomandibular joint, which connects the jawbone to the skull), as well as prolonged problems like thumb sucking and teething.

We have two offices conveniently located in Mercer County, NJ, with two in Hamilton, NJ, so our dentists are happy to take new pediatric patients from across Central Jersey, including Middlesex County, Hunterdon County, Monmouth County, and Burlington County, NJ.

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Hamilton Dental provides pediatric dentistry services in Hamilton, NJ

Pediatric Orthodontics & Dental Services

Children’s teeth require extensive care and attention. Thankfully, the dentists at Hamilton Dental perform more than routine checkups, fluoride treatments, and cleanings. Our specialists have the skills, experience, and advanced dental technology to ensure that your children’s teeth are clean, straight, and prepared for the next set to come in.

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Space Maintainers

Ordinarily, children’s baby teeth are pushed out by permanent teeth pushing through. However, when a baby tooth is lost or removed early due to tooth decay or trauma, it may take years before the permanent tooth is mature enough to enter the mouth. In that case, we may apply a dental space maintainer to preserve the opening. This spacer protects the adjacent teeth from drifting into the vacant space and allows a proper opening when the permanent tooth is ready. Space maintainers are useful in the short term, but they also limit the amount of work orthodontists may perform in the future.


Proper brushing technique is essential to learn at an early age. Our trained dentists and dental services staff will help kids learn how to brush correctly, reaching all surfaces and gums. We will walk the children through the process, demonstrating and helping them master each movement.


Flossing removes food residue from between teeth, where brushing doesn’t reach. Flossing is an integral part of proper dental care. Our pediatric dentists explain the importance of flossing to kids and demonstrate proper technique for optimal teeth cleaning and hygiene.


While your front teeth form the basis for a great smile, it’s your back teeth (molars) that do most of the work actually chewing food. Molars are contoured with pits and grooves to help break down food every time you chew. This constant work also makes them subject to excessive decay, which can begin early in life. Dental sealants safeguard molars from tooth decay.


Chips, gaps, or misshapen teeth can mar a beautiful smile. Dental bonding is frequently used to restore cracked, decayed, or chipped teeth, improve stained teeth appearance, narrow the spaces in between gaps, and alter the shape of teeth. With bonding, your smile can be restored with a simple, non-intrusive procedure that attaches a resin to your tooth enamel and hardens to appear and act as part of the tooth. Bonding is a less complicated alternative to crowns or veneers.


Braces are one of many tools used to create a beautiful smile. They help fix and correct certain types of abnormal bites such as overbites, crowded teeth, and gapped teeth. There are many options and types of braces, which vary depending on the degree of necessary orthodontic work. Braces are used to gently move teeth over a period of time. Straight teeth not only look better, but they are also easier to clean and keep healthy.


Located in Hamilton, NJ, Hamilton Dental Associates provides the best children’s dental services. If you live in Mercer County area or the surrounding counties from Middlesex County, and Monmouth County to Hunterdon County and Burlington County, NJ, we encourage you to call us or fill out a contact form to set up an appointment for your kids or inquire about our general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services today!