Root Canal

Root canals are needed when infection or tooth decay reaches the nerves within the tooth, eventually causing the tooth to die. Root canals enable us to save decayed teeth and eliminate the need for many tooth extractions.

Root canals used to be synonymous with pain and discomfort. Thanks to modern technology, our dentists can routinely perform the procedure with minimal pain or discomfort, and little pain afterward.

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Typical reasons for an apicoectomy may include re-infection of the root canal site with signs like pain in the tooth, tenderness or swollen gums that occurs after a root canal. This type of oral surgery procedure is defined as “the removal of the tip of a tooth root,” which is done to save the tooth from being pulled out; keeping your teeth intact is the dentist’s mission. 

Post and Crown

If there is not enough tooth structure after a root canal to support a crown, a post may be placed against the root of the tooth, and used to support a crown. While it is preferable to save a tooth, if it is badly decayed or doesn’t have enough tooth structure left to support a dental crown, the post will be necessary to provide sufficient support. 

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